Persuasion is an organisation consulting firm. We work with leaders and organisations to deliver growth and create personal, professional and business success.

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Our Services

Persuasion offers a distinctive range of consulting services

  • Executive Coaching

    Partnering with executive level clients to help them define and achieve their goals.

  • Customised Organisational Coaching Programmes

    Designing In-house coaching programmes and solutions.

  • Team Development

    Helping groups and teams to think, learn and work together.

  • Leadership Development

    Designing and delivering organisational programmes to develop current and future leadership capital.

  • Stakeholder Consultation

    Engaging and listening to stakeholders to involve them in building the future.

  • Group Facilitation

    Supporting groups to think, collaborate and engage effectively.

  • Career Development Coaching

    Supporting individuals to make informed decisions to guide and shape their careers.


Our clients include professional service businesses, service and manufacturing companies and SMEs – all of whom build successful organisations by selecting and developing talented people and by encouraging and supporting them along the way.

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We’re based in Dublin, Ireland and work locally and internationally.